John Page Bloodline JP-2

John Page Bloodline JP-2



“I love the richness associated with traditional humbuckers and the aesthetic of the old metal covers. But I don’t like the muddiness or lack of clarity associated with most humbuckers, especially when they have covers. Enter the new Bloodline® JP-2 humbuckers. Voiced to give you a classic humbucking tone but slightly underwound to give you clarity when encased in a metal cover. You get the warmth of a vintage PAF but with more clarity and a sparkly top end. Classy-sounding, but able to break up nicely when you want to. In essence, a modern/classic humbucking tone.” John Page


Experience more custom pickup design from the mind of John Page. His Bloodline® by John Page JP-2 humbuckers deliver the richness and power of humbuckers while retaining unique clarity and definition.

Alnico 5 Magnets
Nickel Covers
Neck - 7.6K
Bridge - 8.4K

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