About Us


Guitarsofa was founded in 2006 with the intention of being an area in which guitar lovers of all kinds could come together and share thoughts, opinions and experiences about their beloved instruments and/or music, with other equally enthusiastic musicians or collectors. It was a safe haven for people who viewed guitars as more than simply an instrument, but also as a piece of art. Over the years, the community around Guitarsofa has grown, allowing the shop to expand its services the community and to new clientele. Alongside a vast collection of collectable limited edition instruments, Guitarsofa has also grown to become Hong Kong's premier used guitar store, as well as the dealer of several hand-picked top quality brands. We look forward to meeting all you musicians and collectors out there and helping you find the perfect instrument for you!

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With rising demand from international clients, we have decided to open our doors to all clients, new and old, from outside of Hong Kong. Get in touch with us, along with an instrument of your liking and we'll get back to you with more information.